The studies of various road accidents carried out in the past have indicated that these accidents were avoidable, had the drivers undergone the proper training of driving skills and safe driving etiquettes. Generally the drivers of commercial vehicles come from lower strata of society and are illiterates or school dropouts having lack of knowledge in traffic rules & regulations, driving skills and maintenance of vehicle and hence carry many types of bed driving habits. This leads to the growth of road year by year. LMV commercial drivers carrying passengers must have a lot of focus on controlling road rage, good road user attitude and behaviour, Stress management, tips to overcome physical and mental fatigue, socially relevant topics such as alcoholism & drunken driving, besides topics related to driving a vehicle and traffic education.

As per the Rule 31 (2) and 31 (4) of central Motor vehicles Rules, 1989, the training period for non-transport vehicles shall not be less than 21 days and driving hours shall not be less than 10 hours. Moreover, as per the rule 15 of C.M.V rules, 1989, “No person shall appear for the test of competence to drive unless he has held a learner’s license for a period of at least 30 days”.

In view of the above, a comprehensive driver training course for a Car, Light Commercial Vehicle and Heavy Commercial Vehicle has been prepared in which steering practice and theory will be offered to each trainee based on the syllabus prescribed in the Rules of C.M.V. Rules, 1989. In the First phase car driver Course will be offered.

  • Who is eligible for Training:

    Minimum Standards for Trainees The minimum requirements for the trainees to undergo Car (Light Motor Vehicle) Driving training are given as below:

    Education 8th pass
    Age Above 18 years
    Physical Condition Good Vison and free from other Physical disabilities and colour blindness
    Medical certificate Medical fitness Certificate from a registered medical practitioner should be submitted on joining the course.
    Course Duration 42 Hrs. spread over 1 month (30 hrs theory & 12 hrs driving practice)

    Schemes Benefits

    Haryana skill development mission intends to import safer driving skills to drivers and to reduce accidents on roads.

    This driving course will have the following benefits:

    1. Enhancing driving skills of drivers

    2. Creation of pool of trained drivers for auto industry & meeting the requirements of drivers in the state and in particularly of NCR.

    3. Developing right attitude for safe driving & road safety.

    4. Saving of state resources.