Sh. Raj Nehru

Mission Director-HSDM (Govt. of Haryana)

“Youth” is the assets & Pillar of every state, hence to strengthen them, we at Mission is focusing on “Enhancing & Upgrading” their skills & strive for Excellence through implementation of Skill development & Entrepreneurship initiative and programs in the state. We have been making efforts to create an ecosystem for youth which will provide the opportunities through trainings so that they could access skilled employment opportunities & set up self-employment ventures which shall further help them in attaining better quality sustainable life. We already have 80+ courses, which covers 15+ different sectors available for the youth of Haryana in our schemes like SURYA, SAKSHAM, PMKVY etc. The Mission also have Entrepreneurship scheme which is currently being implemented through HVSU. Equipped with a team of professionals and cutting edge Training partners, each program is implemented with the vision of developing futuristic knowledge, skills and ability of employable relevance. Formulation, execution and implementation of diversified schemes with a vision of catering to the versatile skill development needs of the state is the main focus of Mission. Channelizing resources and optimising funds with a vision to impact lives is our guiding principle.

डॉ दीपक शर्मा

मुख्य कौशल अधिकारी

पिछले कुछ दशकों में हरियाणा लगातार एक उद्योग गंतव्य रहा है और कौशल पेशेवर विभिन्न व्यावसायिक और तकनीकी क्षेत्रों में अपने प्रतिस्पर्धी कौशल-सेट के साथ उच्च स्थानीय मांग का सामना कर रहे हैं। कौशल जरूरतों के इस वैश्विक बदलाव के मद्देनजर, उद्योग 4.0 के अनुसार उभरते अवसरों और वैश्विक कौशल आवश्यकताओं को पूरा करने के लिए रणनीतियों को विकसित करने की एक मजबूत आवश्यकता है। वर्तमान ताकत के आधार पर एचएसडीएम ने हरियाणा को विभिन्न कौशल विकास पहल के माध्यम से वैश्विक कौशल गंतव्य में बदलने के लिए विभिन्न महत्वाकांक्षी पहल शुरू की है।

Ms. Ambika Patyal

Joint Director

In the words of Mahatma, “The brain must be educated through the hand. The teacher must learn the craft and correlate his knowledge to the craft. The craft cannot be separated from education.” India is passing through the phase of demographic transition which could be the biggest opportunity or the biggest concern of the country depending upon the utilization of its huge work force. Our country adds 12 million people to its workforce annually, but very few have any formal skill training. Skills and knowledge are the driving force of economic growth and social development for any society. Haryana Skill Development Mission is moving forward with a vision to build capacity for skill development in the critical organized and un-organized sectors and to provide pathways for re-skilling and up-skilling workers, enabling them to transition into formal sector employment. Our initiative is to develop a skill development ecosystem and to attain that objective we are creating a network of experts in the industry by establishing a Mentor-Mentee Connect Portal. Our Job database-HSDM Naukri Portal will act as a platform for matching the demand and supply of skilled workforce in the state. The Team at Haryana Skill Development Mission is creating an end-to-end implementation framework for skill development, which will provide opportunities for gainful employment and ensure career progression that meets the aspirations of trainees and enables our nation to realise the ‘Skill India’ dream.

Ms.Poonam Sheoran

Deputy Director

Agrarian society has been quintessential characteristic of Haryana State. It’s another off shoot is serving in defence forces and sports. These two prospects have been pride of the State and reckoned the State as shining star of the Nation since its inception. It fills us with pride and satisfaction, at the same time it sets in stagnation, saturation & engulf us in a stereo type. The fast depletion of agricultural landscape consistent decline in crop production, fluid & unstable weather conditions, fast depleting ground water table, rising urbanization & tangible drift in the policies which consummate in unfavourable circumstances for agrarian society. The conventional areas of dominance which brought pre-eminence to our state are no longer the same. The success of European Industrial revolution has not yet faded from our memories provide the favourable conditions, launch bases our youth has the capabilities to excel in all kinds of Entrepreneurship. Silicon Valley, Infosys, TCS, Laxmi Mittal Steel, Textile Industries are the skill based fields which need no elaboration. The Craftsmanship or possession of contemporary skills, on the other hand, is the only possible remedy for otherwise distressful environment in terms of employment. Needless to say, Craftsmanship has survived since ancient times in earlier civilizations and still flourishing in present era, with a modest aim of generating maximum employment apprentices for educated youth & abridging the overarching gap between the modern industries and training institutions. The Haryana Skill Development Mission came in existence on 14-05-2015. The main aim of HSDM is to achieve the vision of skilled India at scale with speed and standards. Skill Development is of key importance in stimulating a sustainable development process and can make a contribution in facilitating the transition from an informal to formal economy. Skill development can help build a various circle in which the quality and relevance of education and training for women and men fuels the innovation investment, technological enterprises development etc. As per my view “Skill & confidence is an unconquered Army”

Ms. Meenu Dhiman

Deputy Director

Haryana skill development Mission was constituted under HaryanaRegistration & Regulation of Societies act 2012. It is a matter of pridethat the mission is very progressively and passionately working towardstraining and skilling unemployed youth of Haryana so as to providethem wage employment or self-employment.The initiatives being taken up by the State Mission would eventually scale up skill development efforts in the State of Haryana leading tosustainable livelihood for the youth. This would also bridge the gapbetween manpower in demand and the course being offered leading tofulfilling the aspirations of unemployed youth.In the times to come HSDM will not only focus on increasing thenumber of candidates trained and placed but also ensure that quality is maintained at all levels of skilling benefitting all stakeholders .

Mr. Rahul Singla

Technical Consultant

Skill Development is a process that is inclined towards getting acquainted with the interest area of an individual in any domain, identifying the prevailing gaps and making efforts in honing these gaps. One of the prime focusses of Skill Development process is to make aspirant more employable and generate suitable employment (wage as well as self-employment) opportunities for the aspirants. For the success of skill development initiatives, concerted efforts are being made to develop symbiotic relationships with all stakeholders like industry, academia, youth and many more. Besides domain specific skills, soft skills and entrepreneurship have been given due importance for effective and desirable output. On one hand students are prepared for the jobs and on the other hand, facilities are created to provide excellent platform to the candidates who have innovative bright ideas to establish their own start-ups.

A few words for the aspirants… Be yourself, be proactive. Ample of opportunities will come but you should be ready to grab those. Carry yourself properly and be aware of the happenings around the globe…There are no shortcuts for the success and it will only come through best efforts and hard work. Stay Safe & be blessed by the Almighty!!! ”

Mr. Sachin Agarwal

Technical Consultant

“The undertaking of a new action brings new strength…..”

HSDM is working towards building of workforce capacity through skill development programs and to bridge the gap between the current system of education in India, by focusing on imparting skills, employability & entrepreneurship, especially for drop-outs and students from financially weaker section of the society residing in rural areas.

HSDM addresses this problem by serving the needy through short term skill based, on-Job and classroom certified training programmes with desired skill set.It provides synchronization between academic and industry requirements to contribute in Industrial growth of India.

We have empanelled training Partners with multi-dimensional approach to focus on process involving the Pre Placement activities, Career Guidance, Executing Placement and Post Placement Reviews under the guidance of HSDM to make our mission and its Vision successful.

Our aim is to empower the youth of the nation with self-reliance, employability skills and make them productive via knowledge, Soft skills and attitude which results in the nation’s and Prosperity

Mr. Deepak Jagota

Manager Finance

Skilling and training is one of the most important approaches used by the organizations to achieve development objectives. The same assumes much more importance considering its relationship with present day job creation and self-employment. Weat Haryana Skill Development Mission not only train and provide skilling to the youth of Haryana but also help them by giving platform for self-employment. We are committed to provide funds for trainings and other related activities in the Mission through various Central and State Govt. schemes to fill a gap of unemployment for the betterment of youth of Haryana.

Ms. Surabhi Soodan

Manager -Training Provider

Every Individual has the right to aspire to become an asset, not only to the nation but also to the world. At Haryana Skill Development Mission we ensure that right skills get imparted to right individuals to ensure the employability and livelihood which indeed would be an ornament to prosperity and not a refuge in adversity. In line with the Prime Minister's vision of "Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas", HSDM has joined the dots with various industries/academicians/training partners/State and Central Ministries to have concrete, comprehensive and collective effort with respect to skill development in the state. Culture in HSDM is completely dedicated towards skill up gradation of the people of the state, touching and making difference in their lives.

Sh. Parvesh Dixit

Manager- Training Provider

Motivation comes from the passion to make a difference and Haryana Skill Development Mission shares this passion by focusing the culture and work around excellence in everything we do!!!